How To Get Laid With Online Dating

Some people say that online dating is tough. I think those people just aren’t sealing the deal, and I’m here to help! I have noticed a trend over the last two years that there are online girls who come straight to your home and bang you right away. With NO first date. And NO money spent!

Here is my FREE guide about how to bang girls online using these 15 actions steps!

1) Invest In Pro Photos

Pretty obvious. You must have great photos up. Get professional photographs taken. 3-5 photos on your profile is a solid number. I’ve got a combo of pro head shots and outdoor & travel shots. Avoid shirtless bathroom selfies. Shirtless beach or pool pics are OK if you’re in shape.

2) Rewrite Your Profile

Your profile should be well-written, funny, and slightly cocky. Don’t be lazy, make it as long as possible. If she likes your pictures, she’ll be reading the whole thing. Mine comes across as happy, mildly arrogant, and sightly sexual.

3) Automate Your Openers

If you’re serious about dating online, you’ve got to send out mass messages. So, use a macro program like iMacros. It’s the most time-efficient way for sending out mass messages. Writing custom messages and copy/pasting takes too much time. Macros automate the process. Once girls have responded to your cut/paste macro message, you can then tailor messages after that based on clues they provide…

4) Choose Your Sites

I’ve found the banner below to be the most fruitful hunting ground for same-day-lays. POF is a distant second. You’re unlikely to get a girl to come straight over, those Match girls are provider hunting. Experiment with one site at a time, or use all three at once. Online dating sites aren’t all the same, and your location will largely determine your outcome.

5) Identify Clues

So, how can you spot these type of girls? Now, I don’t generally read profiles. I usually look at their pictures, then either send a message or skip to the next profile. But when looking for Transients, you must take a slightly different approach. Quickly (30-60 seconds) scanning profiles IS useful here. Look for clues letting you know she’s down to come to your house with no first date:

Clue 1) Very Few Photos

We all know girls love attention. That means most love posting multiple photos. So, if she posts less than two or three pics of herself, it means she likely threw her profile up in a hurry. She might be a good candidate, so skim her profile text next…

Clue 2) Little Or No Profile Text

Transient girls are in a hurry to get sex. They can’t be bothered with too much writing. Look for very little, or no text in her profile. This actually makes your job of finding clues easier. If there is profile text, then look for codes words…

Clue 3) Code Words

Transients aren’t always obvious. Most girls aggressively hunting for sex won’t be TOO overtly sexual. IME, girls with overly sexual profiles are typically attention getters with no intention of ever meeting IRL. So instead, look for profiles that have code. For example, here is actual OKCupid profile text from a girl I ended up banging. This sentence was in her OKC My Self Summary: Want a pretty girl to come cook you dinner? This was a green light. Basically, this girl was saying that she was open to come straight to a man’s house. I went direct, and asked her to come over in my email opener…

6) Go Direct

Now once you’ve found these girls using the hints they’ve provided, you’ve got to move fast. Don’t waste time with pointless back and forth. My opener for the “cooking” girl was extremely direct: You can come cook me dinner tonight ;) She made it easy, so I went for it. She agreed, I got her number, and then…

7) Get Offline

Time is your enemy. Get off the dating site fast. You want to exchange numbers and begin texting immediately. You may need to do a quick phone call, to make her feel more comfortable. Once you’re communicating offline, you’ve got to schedule the meet. Here’s where it can get tricky…

8) Give Her Options

Girls aren’t stupid. They know that “Come over for a movie” is just code for sex. You can sweeten the offer by offering cannabis, food, or alcohol. That’s not always needed thought. The key here is to give them these options:

A) Come straight over to your place,


B) Drinks & coffee in public

That way, she can say either come over, or say no to your offer. If she says no, sometimes you can still go on the first date and seduce her normally. Beware, you may blow a girl out. Some girls can get offended and may go silent when you ask. But, not always. Remember, it’s an art. You’ll start to recognize girls who are down, and those who may take more time to work with an actual “date.”

9) Be Flexible

Same day dates and lays are unconventional. You’ve got to stay flexible. Think of yourself as a guerrilla warrior, using asymmetric tactics. Owning your own vehicle helps. Be ready for driving to pick her up, daytime meets, late-night meets, and even two meet-ups in one day (with the same girl).

10) Get Together Quick

Meet her the same day, if possible. Night-time is better than day. It’s best if she comes over after dark. Get her there to you house quick. The clock is ticking with these types of girls. They are dick-hunters, and if you don’t make yours available fast, she will find another one. But there are exceptions. In some cases, communication can drag on for a week or more before you meet.

11) Have Realistic Expectations

There are attractive women online, and sometimes you’ll get really cute girls to come straight over. But you likely won’t be banging supermodel quality with this method. And girls that will fuck this quickly are not usually relationship quality – you’re unlikely to find the mother of your children this way. But, so what? This is easy pussy delivered to your door, with literally ZERO investment. Finally, from what I’ve seen, girls who will come straight over are most likely cheating on someone. With you. So, expect one-night-stands.

12) Prepare For Crazy

Girls like this are not always stable. Giving online strangers your home address is a risk. Of course, as a man, it’s unlikely she can physically hurt you. Prepare for CRAZY bitches, drug-users and super-sluts. Still though, I think it’s safer to have her come to you, versus you going to her and putting yourself in a potentially dangerous position. Realize that strong game will be needed to handle these types of women.

13) Escalate Fast

Once she’s there, make her comfortable. Show her you house. Offer her a drink. Start the movie. Then start touching and kissing her as soon as possible. She came over for one thing. Don’t wait too long and give her a reason to leave. The more you talk, the more you hurt your chances. So, escalate FAST.

14) Condom Up!

Goes without saying. This is risky behavior, for both parties. You must be WRAP IT UP if you bang girls like this. Also, I recommend pulling out and finishing in the condom. Don’t jeopardize your health or future, and don’t put your regular girls at risk.

15) Prevent False Accusations And Problems

Two ways you can prevent false claims.

A) Let Her Sleep Over (Optional)

I’ve let some of these girls sleep over, especially if there’s drugs or alcohol involved. I do this more to protect myself than anything else. I feel like if I not too much of a asshole, I cover myself against false accusations. Adjust this step to your own style.

B) Morning After Texts (Mandatory)

You want to get a happy text from her after you have sex. Sometimes, she will send you that text right away. Saying she had a good time, or when can you meet again. If this doesn’t happen, you’ve got to send a text designed to get a positive response from her. Ask her if she got home OK, or say you had fun. Anything, really. Who cares if it’s “beta.” Once you get her response, save all your text exchanges to your email; back them up. This is mandatory. You must protect yourself against false charges.

Case Studies Are Below!!

Sluts I’ve banged using this method:


I found this 20-year-old Mexican girl way back during the MySpace days. Unfortunately, she was a master photo manipulator and turned out to be a SIF. She came over late at night, so no one saw. She had a very pretty face, huge tits, and a tongue stud. I was pretty horny at the time, so I let her give me a spectacular blow job. Sadly, this was also my first experience with situational impotence. She was so fat, I couldn’t get hard! She failed the boner test! Just made her finish me with her mouth. Did not let her sleep over.


The only time I ever got any action off Plenty of Fish. Vicki was a cute 27-year-old Mexican girl who lived in the “ghetto” part of town. She wanted me to come pick her up, so I felt a bit nervous. Horny, but anticipating a cholo ambush, I brought my pistol as backup. I picked her up without problems, and brought her back to my house. We watched a movie and she sucked me off while I fingered her. No sex, and I took her home that same night. Never saw her again, almost positive she was cheating on someone with me. I got the feeling he was at home baby-sitting her kid.


This half-Mexican, half-Lebanese girl from OKCupid was a complete freak. She was a pretty 29-year-old divorced single mom. Probably the best looking woman I’ve gotten to come straight to my house from online. Unfortunately, she was also bat-shit crazy. It took some serious game on my part, but I ended up banging her on my stairs. I did not want her sleeping over, she was too insane. I was afraid she’d stab me in my sleep. I was also really worried that I’d get a false accusation from her. So I made sure to send and receive a “morning after” text. Once I got that, I saved her texts and then cut her off, though she did want to hang out again.


She was a cute, tiny green-eyed 26-year-old white girl with issues. It was a strange scenario. I found her on OKCupid. We texted back and forth for over a week, making plans and rescheduling. Finally, she agreed to meet my house for a lunch-time day date. She came over, we smoked a bowl and made out for a bit. Then, she left. She kept texting me throughout the day. Later on that same night, she asked to come back to my house. I said yes. She was drunk when she arrived. She wanted to fuck. I obliged. I didn’t want her driving, and let her spend the night. She left the next morning, and I never saw her again.


This was the “cooking” example girl from earlier; I found her on OKCupid. She was a 27-year-old, half-white half-Italian girl. I opened her directly and she ended up at my house after 11 PM the same night. We made french bread pizzas, talked for a while, and had sex. I let her spend the night. We had sex again in the morning. She was actually a cool girl, not crazy, and very smart. She texted me several more times after that, but then she got on my nerves with her flakiness. Never saw her again.

Transient girls are like getting pizza delivered. It’s the vaginal equivalent of passive income. You just set up your online dating profile, send out openers, and wait. GOOD LUCK!

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